20 fun facts about Football


20 interesting  Facts about Football

In a world where football is not a game but a religion revered by all, you should know 20 fun facts about the most talked about and loved sport:

1. Played by 250 million players across 200+ countries there by making it the most popular sport.

2. Footballs used in professional matches are exactly 28 inches in circumference and have been measured the same since the last 120 years

3. The most goals scored in a professional football match ever was a whooping 149-0

4. The World Record for the longest football match is held by the Testlands Support Project, a Southampton charity. The match went on for 101 hours. All 36 players were provided with break for eating and sleeping and so much so they received physiotherapy sessions in between. All together they scored a total of 1,600 goals.

5. There is no specific history of football as It originated simultaneously from different countries. In ancient Greek, a game called Episkyros was played which resembled a football game except the fact that you could use your hands.

6. The Chinese game called Cuju was recognized by FIFA as the first version the game with regular games

7. William Shakespeare is known to publically disapprove of football as a game. In his play King Lear( Act 1, Sc 4) there is the line ‘Nor tripped neither/ You base football player’

8. The FA (football association) came first in 1863 while FIFA (The Fédération Internationale de Football Association) was established in 1905.

9. Women have been an active part of the sport since the inception. Records are there to prove that women played Cuju in China


10.In 1863, rules were introduced by governing bodies to prevent violence in the game so that it becomes more socially acceptable and also fit for women to join.

11.Sheffield Football Club has been called the first football team of the world. It was founded in 1857 by William Prest and Nathaniel Creswick

12. The oldest national football competition in the world was the FA cup which started way back in 1871.

13. The offside rule dates back to the 19th century.

14.The fastest red card was shown to Cross Farm Park Celtic striker Lee Todd when he was just 2 seconds into the game. He was sent off for using foul language.

15.  In 1998, a whole football team in Kinshasa, Congo died while playing football. All members of the home team were unscathed. It lead to blaming of the home team’s engineering of witch craft.

16.In 1964, in a match between Argentina and Peru, part of Tokyo Olympic, referees nullified a goal score on faulty grounds which caused a riot among spectators. Such was the intensity of the riot and outrage that it claimed over 300 lives.

17. It’s alleged that space man Neil Armstrong wanted to take a football to the moon with him but NASA did not permit.

18. In a match between Sportiuo Ameliano and General Caballero Sport Club, saw 20 red cards in a single match. This made the Guinness Book of Records for the most red cards in one match

19. FIFA has its own video game series called FIFA. It has sold over one hundred million copies worldwide.

20. Greenland is unable to join FIFA because they do not have enough grassland to play the sport on. However FIFA has sponsored a stadium with artificial grass in it for the encouragement of the game in the country.


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